Reaching Software

Reach Evaluation

Reach Evaluation is an internet-based application that provides a complete evaluation software solution for coalitions, collaborations and their efforts.

New in 2014: Reach Evaluation ENTERPRISE, a data roll-up solution for systemic evaluations.

Monitoring: Support for grant monitoring, local evaluator and cross site evaluation specific initiative and to local needs.

Organizational Tracking: Easily track your organizational outputs.

Configurable: Customizable problems, risk factors, local conditions, committee arrangements and other important descriptors to match your specific initiatives and local needs.

Data Warehouse: Data Warehouse for community and archival data from sources such as law enforcement and public health agencies.

Reporting: Pre-programmed dashboards enabling quick access to the data required to make decisions.

Easy Export: Export to excel for additional graphing capability.

Indicator Engine: Track necessary indicators to determine outcomes.

Web Based: We handle all the security, backups, encryption, updates and firewall protection. You can access from home, work or on the road and there is nothing to install, ever.

Reach Evaluation is a tool that makes tracking output and evaluation easier, it is, as all technology, not the final solution for an organizations evaluation needs. For best results, it is recommended to engage an evaluator to assist in telling the organizations story.