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Epiphany Community Services - Epiphany Community Services is a practical evaluation and technical assistance firm that specializes in working with community coalitions, non-profits, foundations and other community funders that are results oriented. More About ECS

VisibleTrends - VisibleTrends is a web-based survey system that is the most efficient and cost effective way to anonymously measure your youth’s alcohol and drug use and additional health issues. Eliminate your paper and pencils today!

Double A Solutions - Double A Solutions develops software applications that capture the necessary functions and processes that your business entails. Our group is made up of experienced developers with the skills necessary to meet your technology needs. We work as a team with your company's personnel to make livedealercasino sure that the application is built to meet your specifications. Once the application is in place, we will make sure that it is always maintained. We guarantee availability, security and performance.

CIS Solutions - CIS Solutions assists Reaching Software’s customers with technology problems and needs on a daily basis.  From consulting services, web site design, hardware and software needs, understanding of non-profit and education discounted pricing, we offer virtually any technology solution you may want. Has your organization recently been infected with a spyware/virus application that cost you downtime or are you sick of the growing SPAM in your mailbox? Are you concerned about your mission critical organization data and would like to back it up securely online? Are you considering upgrading your phone system or wanting better communication options for your office? Are you interested in upgrading hardware or software for your office and potentially are interested in leasing?  CIS Solutions offers these services and many more for Reaching Software customers and we offer special financial incentives for you to work with us.  Please call us at 419-360-2007 for more information.