Reaching Software


Reach Evaluation is an internet-based application that provides a complete evaluation software solution for coalitions, collaborations and their efforts.

Do you want to see a visual representation of your accomplishments/outputs?

  • Reach Evaluation provides pre-programmed dashboards to enable you to see your progress community problems being addressed by your organization.

Do you have the ability to collect all of the data necessary to satisfy grant and evaluation requirements?

  • Reach Evaluation utilizes a dynamic data entry process that ensures only the appropriate┬áinformation is collected, with a variety of ways to import data into most grant reporting systems.

Do you rely on paper sheets and excel spreadsheets to track your progress?

  • Reach Evaluation eliminates the need for paper sheets and excel spreadsheets by providing a single place for all output and outcome data.

Do you have the ability to determine the types of resources your generating?

Can you describe your activities in a manner that others can understand?

  • Reach Evaluation provides an easy to use platform to share information in narrative and graphic forms.